Log Sheet
A printable spreadsheet that you can manually enter your contacts.
Using this sheet will require you to either enter your log on the Inpota Web Site or create a text file in the following format
Your Call,Date,Band,Mode,Time,His Call,Your Park,His State,His Park,Zero
W9XXX,12-19-2015,160,SSB, 4:00:04,WB9XXX,LIN,IN,IDD,0
W9YYY,12-19-2015,160,SSB, 4:01:14,WB9YYY,LIN,IN, ,0
W9ZZZ,12-19-2015,160,SSB, 4:00:04,WB9ZZZ,LIN,OH,IVC,0
A the very bottom or in your email.
Contacts (number) Indiana parks worked (number) Score (number)
Please email the text file to Inpota.
Logging Program
A logging program that allow you to computer log your contacts.
The program will write a text file that you can email to Inpota for uploading.
The above email address is a graphic, and will not work if you click on it.
Type what you see into your email address line.
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